2023-01 Residential Streets Improvement Project

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About the Project

The City of Vadnais Heights annually performs a street improvement project to maintain the city’s infrastructure. Streets are selected based on a number of factors, including pavement conditions, years of service, traffic volumes, maintenance costs and available finances. We strive to construct these improvements in a timely fashion to minimize the cost to both the abutting property owners and general taxpayers and disruption to any particular neighborhood. 

These types of projects also allow the City to undertake utility repairs – such as new hydrants, gate valves and watermain fittings. Private utilities - such as gas, electric and communications - also use these projects as an opportunity to evaluate and if necessary, improve their infrastructure at the same time.

Street Improvement Project Locations Map (PDF)

The following streets have been selected for improvements in 2023:

  • Alpine Avenue (South End to County Road F)
  • Horizon Street (Alpine Street to Centerville Road)
  •  Elmwood Street (Stockdale Road to Clover Avenue)
  • Fire Station Parking Lots
  • City Hall Parking Lot
  • Lily Pond Trail

Feasibility Study

The review of these potential improvements began with the preparation of a Feasibility Study. The City worked with our engineer, S.E.H., to prepare this study. We reviewed our own public utilities (storm sewer, sanitary sewer and water main) for potential improvements, and also gave private utilities (gas, electric, and cable) an opportunity to make their improvements at the same time. The work will include: removal and replacement of the existing blacktop surface,  and utility system maintenance.

The Feasibility Study determined the necessity and cost effectiveness of the proposed improvements as well as estimated project costs. City staff has reviewed the projected cost and compared it to the City’s 2023 Budgeted amount for the City’s share of the project costs.

Feasibility Report (PDF)