Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention Program

Minnesota has one of the highest theft rates of catalytic converters in the nation. Criminals who steal catalytic converters can cut them off with a saw in less than a minute and sell them. The value of the precious metals in catalytic converters can make them worth up to $1,600.

Catalytic converters often do not have serial numbers and those that do are generally not traceable to the vehicle they were installed on. The lack of identification numbers on catalytic converters makes it extremely unlikely an officer or deputy will be able to link a detached catalytic converter to a crime.

The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office has partnered with the Minnesota Commerce Fraud Bureau in a pilot program to promote catalytic converter theft prevention by distributing self-install marking kits to residents of Ramsey County who have a high-risk for theft vehicle, or have had a catalytic converter stolen.

Find out more about if your vehicle is eligible for a free marking kit and how to get one on Ramsey County's website