Community Engagement Committee

About the Committee

In July 2020, the City Council formally approved the formation of the Community Engagement Committee (CEC) and staff immediately began to solicit ‘Letters of Interest’ from potential participants. The goals of the Community Engagement Committee were to define where there might be gaps in current communication and engagement efforts, and to bring recommendations to Council on how to identify and eliminate gaps in communication and ensure the entire community has the opportunity to engage with the City.

After recruiting members, the CEC met: 
November 18, 2020 
December 16, 2020 
January 20, 2021 
February 24, 2021 
March 10, 2021 
March 31, 2021* did not meet due to lacking quorum 

Recommendations to City Council

The CEC brought forth several recommendations to the April 20, 2021 Council Workshop meeting for consideration. Staff is currently working on Council priorities and will reconvene the CEC as appropriate.

Review Community Engagement Committee Recommendations to Council

The CEC meets on an "as needed" basis.