Oak Creek Drive West - Culvert Project

Updated 4/9/2020

Project Location


Oak Creek Drive West

About the Project
The City has identified the need to perform significant maintenance at the box culvert beneath Oak Creek Drive West.  The work will include mobilization and preparation of the site.  Removal of significant amount of sediment within the culvert is expected but unknown.  A temporary ditch bypass, tree clearing, and construction of permanent maintenance access routes, and site restoration is included.  

Start Date

The project is expected to start mid-week, the week of April 5, 2020, and is expected to last several weeks. Please be advised that Oak Creek Drive West will be closed for a portion of time while work is being completed.  

Tree removal will begin Friday, April 10. Trees in the vicinity of the box culvert are being removed to prevent future maintenance issues. Roots are being left in place to keep the ground stabilized.
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