Well Sealing

Do you currently have a well that you’re not using? Homes connected to city water may still have an unsealed well in the basement well room or in the yard. A well that is no longer in use may be a threat to health, safety, and the environment. 
Groundwater is the main source of drinking water for most people in the metro area. Unsealed wells may allow water to contaminate the city’s groundwater supply. 

The State of Minnesota requires property owners to get a water well maintenance permit or seal the well. Sealing is a process of clearing and filling an unused well with a special material called grout. You can choose to continue using your well for irrigation.

More information is available on the Minnesota Department of Health website

Landowner Assistance

The Ramsey Conservation District has been awarded grants through the Clean Water Fund to help eligible landowners seal unused wells located within Ramsey County. Unused wells can serve as direct conduits for surface contaminants to reach our aquifers. 

For more information on how to apply for funds to seal an unused well, please visit Ramsey County's website