Street Maintenance

The goal of street maintenance is to keep City streets in good condition to avoid costly repairs and reconstruction. Accordingly, the City Council about 10 years ago adopted the City's Pavement Management Policy to direct the maintenance of the City's roads.

The plan provides that each City street have cracks sealed at least once every five years. Property taxes pay for this work.


One look will tell you if your street has been crack sealed because lines of toilet paper will be covering the repaired areas. It may look strange, but the toilet paper allows vehicles to drive across repaired areas without tracking tar on other parts of the roadway and prevents tar from sticking to tires.

Street Projects

Other street projects include mill and overlay, reconstruction, and total reconstruction. The approach taken for a street is determined, in part, by the rating it receives from Public Service staff. The rating considers the severity of damage and wear and tear to a street.

These projects involve special assessments to the benefited properties. Neighborhood informational meetings and public hearings are held for every mill and overlay, reconstruction, and total reconstruction project proposed. Notices are sent by U.S. mail to affected properties, and legal notices are published in the Vadnais Press and posted in City Hall.

The City Council is ultimately responsible for deciding which streets will be included in the Street Management Plan for a specific year.

In addition to roadway repairs and maintenance, City crews are responsible for maintaining rights-of-way and for streetscaping. Highway 96 and County Road E are two examples of streetscapes maintained by the City.

County Streets

Some roadways in Vadnais Heights are Ramsey County streets. These include Highway 96; County Roads D, E, and F; McMenemy Street; Labore Road; Centerville Road; and Edgerton Street south of Vadnais Boulevard. For issues regarding these streets, please contact Ramsey County Public Works at 651-484-9104.


If you're aware of a pothole please alert Public Works by calling 651-204-6000 or submitting an online Let Us Help request.

In addition to repair of potholes, sweeping streets is another routine activity for Public Works. We sweep streets at least twice per year and sometimes more frequently.